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The Moto Konnect ST-02 is our premium bluetooth headset. Class leading Qualcomm CSR Chipset which supports bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm cVc audio technology. Adding to this is the ST-02 dual speakers with 30mm drivers which together deliver HD Audio clarity.

For better bass,  comfort and structural strength these speakers are encased in a re-inforced ABS shell.


The ST-02 also features a dedicated voice command button which can wake your phones voice assistant may it be SIRI or Google assist.


Furthermore we have equipped the ST-02 with noise cancelling microphone in order to reduce wind and traffic noise for better communication on the go.


To support the increased power demand we have also increased the battery capacity to 180AH which provides a music playback time of 8 hours and can be charged from 0-100% within 90 mins.


Mounting the ST-02 to any healmet is easy and can be done in a matter of mins with the provided Hook and Loop (Velcro Tape)


Specification :

Qualcomm Chipset with cVc Audio technology

Blutooth Version - 5.0

30mm drivers with ABS casing for HD audio clarity

Dedicated Voice Assistant button

Boom Microphone with Noise cancellation

8 Hours audio playback

ST 02 (Pack of Two)

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